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For those who don’t know what Wattpad is Wattpad is a website and an app where you can read books, fan fiction, articles or poems that other uses publish or you can write your own and publish it. Many of the popular and successful stories, even some of the fan fiction, have been published by major publishers such as After by Anna Todd which had some changes when it was published but you can still read the unchanged story on Wattpad. This story started off as being a Harry Styles and One Direction fan fiction but the only thing that was changed were the character names. So anyway on to my top 10 favourite Wattpad stories . . .


Note: this only includes stories not fan fictions and is in no particular order.


The Blonde Cheerleader by yourstrulytrina

In every high school book there is always the quiet reserved good girl that the bad boy always falls in love with and then there is always the obnoxious mean and popular cheerleader that everyone in the school either loves or is scared of her. This story is about the point of view of the cheerleader and about her story.


Baby Steps by xFakingaSmilex

Ava thought she was invisible to everyone in her high school till Blake talks to her and needs her help with his baby. Because you see after Blake and his girlfriend had their baby his girlfriend took off without telling anyone and left their baby with Blake. Blake has been struggling as a teenage single father and needs help fast. He has been missing days of school when his parents haven’t been able to look after the baby and has to work to gain money to support the baby and himself.

Ava agrees to help but between the late night visits to help with the baby and their conversations Blake is beginning to think maybe there is more going with Ava then what he first thought.


Roommates by XthatONEchickX

Nichole gets accepted into Westcott University and has to live with a roommate. But this isn’t just any roommate he is cocky, hot, a perverted jerk and her best friends twin brother.


Childhood Best Friends with Hollywood’s Golden Boy by smile024

Isabel has known Aaron since they were born. They have done everything together. This book is about the romance that blooms between them and how they deal with it after Aaron has been gone for 8 months.


Royal Affection by LovelyOwls

Ava is the Princess of Denmark and is the next in line to become Queen after her parents. But she doesn’t want to be queen, she wants to become a photographer and attend the London Arts Academy.

Her parents eventually allow her to go the academy on the condition that she must become Queen after one year. When she goes to the school no one knows who she is and she keeps it that way but is constantly bullied by the school’s bully, Lucas and his girlfriend, Paige.


The Vampire King by miss_imperfection_

Alexis was taken from her home when she was 7 years old and watched her parents be murdered by the king of the vampires who believed she would conquer his kingdom as she got older fast forward ten years and she is still locked up in the dungeons of the castle until one day the king let her free and to work as a slave so he could keep a close eye on her just incase she tries to overthrow him. This is a story about the king and Alexis and how she tries to figure him out.


The Bad Boy Stole My Bra by Cherry_Cola_x

Riley wakes up to the sound of someone in her room and turns her light on just to see the school’s bad boy, Alec, stealing her bra. She wants to get revenge on him so she befriends his friends and she takes revenge on Alec. It’s such a sweet book and definitely one of my top 3 favourites.


My Badboy Neighbour by yabookprincess

Basically this is another bad boy and good girl book, but it’s about Astrid, who is a good girl and likes living in the shadow of her brother, the school’s golden boy, and Kai, who is the typical bad boy and just moved in next door, who’s world’s collide when they have an accident on the way to school.


The Tales of a Royal Lunatic series by flying-person

There is a mysterious new guy at school and Emilee wants to figure him out. This book focuses on Emilee a crazy hyper active girl who skips school all the time never does her homework and has the best friends in the world who mean everything to her and are her only family. In steps this mysterious new guy who she befriends and is just about their friendship and the friendship between all her friends.


Forced to Have the Player’s kid by aggirl

It’s the year 2032 and a plague hit the world killing most of the adult population. The surviving population of adults run the schools filled with orphans and the population of the world is becoming low to the point of extinction which was when the Young Adult Baby Law was put in place and teenagers at the age of sixteen are forced in to couples whether they liked it or not and are officially married by the government and have to have a baby in the next two years. If they fail to do so they end up imprisoned in jail for a certain amount of time.

This story follows Adira, who is a virgin and a book worm and is desperate for love and is hoping to be paired with someone that will love and respect her and their baby. When she is paired she is shocked she has been paired with the school player, Josh.